Hail to the Humble Gooseberry

Physalis peruviana

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No one seems to sing praise to the gooseberry. Though perhaps humbled by its drab attire, it is, in fact, a preciously wrapped little treasure that bursts in a golden flavour once undressed from its modest papery coat. It offers a divine blend of sweet, sour and tart – just enough of each to entice your taste buds into an exuberant dance.

Also known as the cape gooseberry, the goldenberry, husk cherry, Peruvian ground cherry, poha or poha berry – the physalis peruviana is native to Brazil. Here, in Canada, one will only find this tasty little treat in select grocery stores, carefully packaged in plastic one-pint baskets among other berries, when available. Whereas the popular strawberry will be enjoyed in sundaes, in a bowl to accompany one’s read, or lost into a smoothie, the gooseberry aesthetically adorns a lavish dessert, often dismissed in the competition, untouched, unrecognized, unappreciated.

What more, this berry will give your body a nutritional tickle! The gooseberry is known to be one among the three super berries (the other two being goji and acai) as it is high in protein as well as in vitamins A, C and B12. Studies have also shown that it may help protect against cancer and heart disease. It really makes one wonder how certain fruits have come to dominate our menus with such little nutritional value when others, such as the gooseberry, have so much more to offer.

So, perhaps the next time your gastronomical journey happens to chance upon the golden gooseberry, enrich your palate with this elegant little fruit. You will surely not regret the experience!


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